Chapter 1 - Introduction

Section I - General

1-1. Purpose

1-2. References

1-3. Explanation of abbreviations and terms

1-4. Statutory authority

Section II - Responsibilities

1-5. Secretary of the Army

1-6. Chief of Staff, Army

1-7. Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs)

1-8. Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Review Boards)

1-9. Director, Military Review Boards, Army Review Boards Agency

1-10. Senior Legal Advisor, Army Review Boards Agency

1-11. Army Grade Determination Review Board

1-12. Commanding General, United States Total Army Personnel Command

1-13. Commander, United States Army Reserve Personnel Command

1-14. Separation authorities

Chapter 2 - General

Section I - AGDRB Establishment and Functions

2-1. Army Grade Determination Review Board establishment

2-2. Army Grade Determination Review Board functions

2-3. Automatic grade determinations

Section II - Guidance

2-4. Grade determination considerations

2-5. Unsatisfactory service

2-6. Service in lower grade

2-7. Period of service

2-8. Information to be considered

2-9. Forwarding cases for review

2-10. Reviews

Chapter 3 - Enlisted Personnel Grade Determinations

3-1. General

3-2. Thirty-year cases

3-3. Physical disability cases

Chapter 4 - Officer Personnel Grade Determinations

4-1. General

4-2. Warrant officers

4-3. Physical disability cases

Appendix A - References

Publication Section I Required Publications

Publication Section II Related Publications

Publication Section III Prescribed Forms

Publication Section IV Referenced Forms

Glossary -

Abbreviation Section

Term Section

Special Terms and Abbreviations Section