Army Discharge Review Board

Application Procedures


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Who May Apply

Former soldiers of the Regular Army, the US Army Reserve, and the Army National Guard may submit a DD Form 293 (Application for the Review of Discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States) to the Army Discharge Review Board (ADRB). If the former member is deceased or incompetent, the surviving spouse, next-of-kin, or legal representative who is acting on behalf of the former soldier may apply. However, the application must include supporting documentation, such as a certified copy of a marriage license, death certificate, or power of attorney, as appropriate. If it is over 15 years since the date of the soldier’s discharge or the soldier was discharged by reason of General Court Martial, the applicant is not eligible to apply to the ADRB. In these circumstances, the applicant should submit a DD Form 149 (Application for Correction of Military Records Under the Provisions of Title 10, U.S. Code, Section 1552) to the Army Board for Correction of Military Records (ABCMR).

How to Apply

You may submit an application online
- or -
you may submit by mail a DD Form 293, Application for the Review of Discharge or Dismissal from the Armed Forces of the United States, available in fillable PDF format here: DD Form 293.pdf.

You will need Acrobat Reader to view and use the PDF format. You may download Acrobat Reader to your computer for free from the Adobe web site.

Blank application forms can also be obtained from any military personnel/human resource office or by sending a request to the address below.

Army Review Boards Agency (ARBA)
251 18th Street South, Suite 385
Arlington, VA 22202-3531
Email for assistance -

What to Include with an Application

To support your application, please provide copies of all relevant military records in your possession, especially your separation packet, and any evidence supporting your request. Do not send original documents. As part of your evidence, include any communication you had with other agencies regarding your issue. Note. The Army Board for Correction of Military Records can only address issues after exhausting all other administrative recourse/appeals available to an applicant.

ADRB Travel Board Personal Appearance (via video teleconference (VTC))

Army DoDI 1332.28 (Discharge Review Board (DRB) Procedures and Standards), dated April 4, 2004), sets forth authority for the Secretaries of the Military Departments to conduct traveling Discharge Review Boards or regional boards at locations outside the National Capital Region (NCR). Traveling/regional boards are intended to save an applicant the additional cost of traveling to the Washington, DC are, by providing a board in closer proximity to the applicant’s home of record.

The Army Review Boards Agency (ARBA) conducts its regional panels leveraging ARBA’s VTC capability and available US Government VTC facilities located at any of a number of Federal Government facilities throughout the Continental United States. ARBA travel board personal appearances adhere to existing discharge review board procedures. However, applicants participating in a travel board will communicate with the board members via VTC. ARBA representatives shall be available at designated VTC locations to assist applicants and answer questions.

ARBA conducts its ADRB travel boards on a quarterly basis. See details below for current and projected dates and locations.

Fiscal Year 2017:
1st Quarter: November 15-18, 2017 / Location: Robins Air Force Base, Warner Robins, Georgia – COMPLETED
2nd Quarter: March 20-24, 2017 / Location: Fort Sam Houston, Texas – COMPLETED
3rd Quarter: CANCELLED Due to California Army National Guard Special Review Board

Application Instructions:
1. When submitting your DD Form 293 (Application for the Review of Discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States), ensure you provide a valid phone number and email address that you monitor regularly
2. The ADRB will contact you on receipt of your application.
3. Applicants should expect to receive a response to their application no later than one week after receipt by the ADRB. Invitations for participation in a travel board personal appearance are based on a first-come basis.
4. The ADRB shall provide all applicants, once approved for participation in the travel board additional details, the travel directions and facility access procedures.
5. The ADRB will submit requests for facility access for all applicants and accompanying personnel such as counsel, family members, or character references.
6. The ADRB will provide applicants with a point of contact who can answer questions or other assistance, as appropriate.