Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Record Remedies

The DADT policy, enacted by Congress on December 21, 1993 and repealed effective September 20, 2011, was the law during that period of time. The Army Regulations implementing various aspects of DADT policy were valid regulations during that period.

DADT's repeal may be a relevant factor in evaluating an application under current standards (such as requests to change the narrative reason for a discharge, requests to re-characterize the discharge to honorable, and/or requests to change the RE Code to an immediately-eligible-to reenter category). However, the issuance of a discharge under DADT or the taking of an action pursuant to Army regulations related to a discharge under DADT during the period they were in effect does not by itself constitute an error or injustice that would invalidate an otherwise proper action taken pursuant to DADT and applicable DoD policy in effect at the time.

Therefore, remedies such as correcting a record to reflect continued service with no discharge, restoration to a previous grade or position, credit for time lost, or an increase from no separation pay to half or full separation pay or from half separation pay to full separation pay will not normally be appropriate corrections.

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