Don't Ask, Don't Tell

The Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) policy concerning homosexual conduct in military service was repealed by Congress on 20 September 2011.

Soldiers who were discharged for Homosexual Conduct within the last 15 years can apply to the Army Discharge Review Board (ADRB) for a discharge review. If they were discharged for Homosexual Conduct more than 15 years ago, they can apply to the Army Board for Correction of Military Records (ABCMR) for a discharge review. Application to the ADRB or ABCMR can be made online on this website.

The Boards will consider changes to the reason for discharge, characterization of service, and re-entry eligibility code (RE code). The RE code may only be changed if the reason for discharge is changed. A change of RE code is not required to enlist for former Soldiers who were honorably discharged for the reason of Homosexual Conduct. Click here for more enlistment and RE code details.

Characterizations at separation (Honorable, General Under Honorable Conditions, and Under Other Than Honorable Conditions) are based upon the service member's whole military service and conduct.

Remedies such as correcting a record to reflect continued service with no discharge, restoration to a grade or position, credit for time lost, or an increase in pay from no separation pay to half or full separation pay or from half separation pay to full separation pay will not normally be appropriate corrections since these actions were taken under DADT law and regulations in effect at the time. Click here for more details about remedies.

For questions on benefits, please contact a representative of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

For questions on enlistment, please contact an Army recruiter.